Monday, January 5, 2015

Too Good To Be True

Auto Nation did not work out. It is definitely not a company I should or would want to work for. I am desperately trying to get old job back. Otherwise I will be extremely stressed over bills ----especially car payments and child support.

Now hubs is all pissed --- probably because I didn't stick it out with Auto Nation but also because his parents never informed him of when dinner was ready and now I am getting attitude from him.

I spent the morning with my family followed by transcription work all day. Even calling my previous boss about getting old job back and called 3 job recruiters and emailed about 7 companies my resume. What has he done? Sat and played games on his phone or been on Facebook. Sometimes I wonder if he really wants to have a job or if he likes everyone doing everything for him.

Why did I leave my job? I was already sketchy to begin with yet I still left.

Pissed ----until the next day.

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