Sunday, December 28, 2014

A New Year Is Upon Us

The New Year is upon us. What does this next year hold? A lot of uncertainties I am sure. I hate to make any New Year resolutions as I have never been good at following through with them.

I will start by continuing my weight loss. 18 pounds down with another (at least) 15 pounds to go. I will attempt to either get more photography clients or I will decide to dwindle that out of my life, sell my gear and focus on other things. I will make it a goal to be moved out of the in laws house by the time summer comes around. Once that house dream becomes reality, I would love to start trying for another (possibly the last) baby but I wouldn't welcome one any less if we were to get pregnant before then. Another goal is to succeed at Auto Nation and be less financially stressed but if that doesn't work out, I woudn't ind going back to Pet Data.

I  question this job move. I have for the past week. I am comfortable and happy at Pet Data. The only reason for my leaving is because the pay is slightly better. The insurance will also be better ---- or one can hope.

Hubs still hasn't heard back from Auto Nation. He also no longer qualifies for unemployment. They stated he did but then "investigated" it and found he was fired from DSW so he no longer is able to get unemployment.

Until Next Time.....

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