Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grow Up

 This is upsetting.

I find it very funny and very immature that someone who doesn't know you can talk so much smack ABOUT you. It shows their character and it shows how much they think about you.
You cant really claim a parent a dead beat or a no show or even a bad parent if that parent is in the child's life. A parent who supports their child in all aspects including financially, a parent who encourages their child to do well and to try things they've never done or ate before, a parent who spends time with their child at aquariums, parks and snuggles during movies at home... all that is NOT the definition of a deadbeat, a no show or a bad parent. A parent who disciplines their child is a great parent because it shows the child they care and love them enough to show them right from wrong. A parent who raises their voice in front of their child is not considered a bad parent. It shows that 1) that parent will keep getting louder the more you interrupt and interrupting is rude and 2) shows that the parent can stand up for themselves and not be bullied.
I work enough jobs at home, at work, and as a mom I hardly ever have time to myself. A shower is a luxury because I'm too busy supporting my family. I don't always have my best moments but you try living the life I had and the life I'm living and you tell me your life is perfect because no one is.
I state you aren't my child's mother because you aren't. You aren't even married to his father so step mother isn't even one of your titles. You're just "the girlfriend". So until you've raised s child of your own or walked the shoes of the child's parent, you have no right to the child nor any right to judge the parent.
So, in the end, I only have one judge and that is God. He sees all and knows all and if it were between the 2 of us, I'm sure I'd get in first. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Again, I am slacking. Between work, 2 kids, and life, I start forgetting about this place.

I had to miss 3 days of work due to a stomach bug or food poisoning.

Since then, I still have been unable to accomplish a 40 hour work week. A serious downer.

There have been major upsets dealing with the ex and his girlfriend. At times they irritate me more than words could ever express.

We've been trying to find a place to rent with no luck. I spoke with a lender and I qualify for the FHA loan but hubs has debts he needs to pay off. Until then, we are unable to purchase a home but we're trying to find out more information about mobile homes.

Another development since the last entry was that I have a 2nd job. I will be working at home when able or when I have a sitter. I will be transcribing voice mails. I am unsure about the pay but it's a 2nd job and right now anything is helpful.