Thursday, August 21, 2014

Slacking Yet Busy

I've been slacking, I know. I've also been super busy.

Before I forget, last night Baby T woke up an hour after putting him in bed. I got up, changed his diaper and put him back in bed. He, of course, cried and whimpered. I gave him a hug and laid him back down. He cried and whimpered. I gave him another hug and he cried some more. Not 30-40 minutes later, he was back asleep for almost 7 hours. YAY.

On another note, I'm stressing. I went to pay per piece at work and because I'm still learning, my average is very low. Today was the only day I got near $100 for the day. I would be happy for now to get $80 a day because that is still about $10/hr.

Also between car payments, car insurace and other bills - along with hubs spending on random stuff - I feel we will never move out. I am 30 ---- I NEED my own place. WE need our own place.

Hubs interviewed yesterday for the assistant manager position at the Denton location. He has a 2nd interview tomorrow plus they are running his background. Praying he gets it since it would be a pay raise and we NEED it.

Until next time.......