Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time Changes Things

Three years ago, I left my ex husband and my oldest son behind. I regret it every day. I wish I could tell my son the truth about why I left that night but I just can't. Maybe I will write him a letter and when he is old enough, I will give it to him.

This morning my ex husband and I had a child support review. The officer said that my child support WILL go up and we have to get our son off Medicaid so my ex will be responsible for getting insurance on him but I will have to pay him monthly for that.

I found out from my mom that Granpa comes in town for Thanksgiving so hubs, Baby T and I are going there for Thanksgiving since things here at home aren't that great.

We are on Week 5 of the military diet. Hubs had no gain or loss. I lost more weight putting me at 12 pounds lost in a month!

Until Tomorrow.......

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